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 Only book lovers can understand what a book is worth

If you have ever read an interesting book, you can attest that these little stacks of pages are so much more than meets the eye. Indeed, reading a book of any kind, be it a novel, an informative book, or any other kind of text, is an amazing experience to enjoy.

Those words and paragraph can throw you into any sort of world, make you live adventures and experience emotions without moving a finger. You can learn new things, expand your knowledge and imagination, and get new ideas to change your life. If magic is real in this world, it has the shape of a book.

When you really love someone and want to show your affection to them, you want to give them something valuable. And what is more valuable than all of the above? 

Give a book as a gift and you will be giving a one-way ticket to amusement, wonder and learning. You are enriching someone else's life, and that is a great thing to do. Give a book today, it is the best present ever!

Books that are meant to be given


At Singbooks we have a wide selection of the best books for all ages and all ocasions. What is more original than giving a themed book for a holiday or celebration? Birthdays, baptisms, weddings, enagements, all happy events in life call for a great present and doing something personalized shows thought and intention. 

We also have all sorts of items for book lovers! Find our book themed ornaments and even some gifts for readers! Order personalized bookmarkers, bookcase ornaments and Kindle accessories!



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Giving is a beautiful thing to do. It is a great way to make your loved ones happy, and to show them how much you appreciate them and valorate all that is important for them. Getting them presents will keep relationships healthy and will constantly remind you all about how much you care for each other. Keep up the magic of love with our presents!

We choose every single item we offer bearing that in mind. That is why we pick only the best ornaments, books and other presents, many of them themed around beautiful family happenings and merry holidays. Celebrate all that is good in life with Singbook's products! Each one of them is special for somebody, and it is in you to get them together. 

Make memorable moments happen. Contact us right now to find out more about all we offer. You can tell us what you have in mind or you can just request our complete catalogue of items. Maybe you can get some great ideas from there! Are you a little uninspired about what present to give? Let us give you a couple tips to choose the best gift for your friends and family!



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Happy Client

Is there a better present than a good book?

"People don't give or receive books nowadays. And it's something sad, because books will take you anywhere in the world. They're magical and they should never be forgotten. I always give books as presents, and I think everyone should. Singbooks hasn't forgotten the true value of a book and that's important."
Elsa Lovecastle

Happy Client

"I first heard about Singbooks when I go a present from it, which was really gorgeous. I felt curious and gave it a try. It was a great decision. You can't believe how many different articles these people have. One gift for each person you know!"
Lorenz Hauser